Dr. Yehyun Kim
Orthodontist, Ph.D.
Artificial Intelligence Orthodontic Diagnostics

Orthodontic diagnostic and analysis of facial skeleton and dentition using artificial intelligence

Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Treatment of protrusion and overcrowded teeth with orthodontic braces

Orthopaedics, Growth control treatment

Growth control treatment for protruding chin, crossbite correction and retruded chin.

Clear aligner orthodontics

Invisalign aligner treatment, clear aligner aligner treatment

Service development and operation

Dentist user experience-oriented service development and business management

A.I. Programming, Dlib, TensorFlow
HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
Django, Python
PostreSQL, SQL
AWS, Git

A Specialist in Orthodontics.

Founded WEBCEPH, a Global Dental Data Service Company.

Building a global project which generates steady and stable profits.

CEO and Founder of WEBCEPH
Founder and CEO of WEBCEPH, an online solution for orthodontic diagnosis and analysis, AssembleCircle Corp.2019.10 ~
Representative of Seoul Clear Orthodontics
Seoul Clear Orthodontics2017.3 ~
Fellow doctor
Fellow doctor at SNUDH, Dep. of Orthodontics2016.3 ~ 2017.2
Resident doctor
Resident doctor at SNUDH, Dep. of Orthodontics2013.3 ~ 2016.2
COO of KeuGo, Online Crowdsourcing Startup2012.3~2012.10
Ph.D. Orthodontics, SNU
Master's degree at School of Dentistry, SNU
Bachelor's degree at Mechanical Engineering, SNU
Seohyeon High school at Bundang, Gyeonggi
Korean Board certified Orthodontist
KAO(Korean Association of Orthodontists) Certified Orthodontist